Nervos AMA | DAS: Nervos and DAS evolving decentralized account system (Come and Check the Winners)

Warm-up Questions

1. Could you please introduce DAS to our community in layman’s terms? What is DAS and what can I do with it?

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system. DAS provides a globally unique account system with the .bit suffix. It can be used in scenes such as crypto transfers, domain name resolution, and identity authentication. DAS has strong cross-chain capabilities, supporting CKB/ETH/TRX/BSC/Polygon and any other public chain address.

When using a wallet, an operation we often use is to transfer or receive money between different accounts, and we all use a long string of addresses, such as [0x…] for BSC users, or [T…] for Tron users, as shown in the figure.

I believe that in this process, few or no one will remember the above addresses, one because it is too long and difficult to remember, the second is also unnecessary.

Then I believe there will be many friends who will think of us when we use PayPal. We just need to know each other’s email or phone number to transfer money or receive money, how convenient, right?

Unlike the centralized account system in the web 2.0 world such as phone number/email/social account, DAS has developed a decentralized account system for web 3.0 based on blockchain, and it is globally unique and cross-chain. We use a suffix ending in .bit to identify this account, and in DAS account management you can associate all your blockchain addresses, whether they are CKB/ETH/BSC or any other public chain address.

Once you have a DAS account, you can use it in any wallets that integrate DAS. let’s check out a sample picture and a video of how it works.

You could Click ‘Discover’ and search ‘DAS’ DApp or ‘’ in a wallet like TokenPocket.

2. So function-wise DAS looks like ENS, can you let us know what’s unique about DAS compared to ENS?

You can think of DAS as a cross-chain version of ENS, ENS can only be used on ethereum, DAS can be used across chains to any public chain, either EVM-compatible or non-EVM-compatible chains.

The main difference is that users can use ANY other public chain addresses (for now DAS supports ETH/TRX/BSC/Polygon address) to register, manage and own an .bit account.

DAS stores its data on the Nervos Network (CKB), but by using CKB’s rent model and capability for verifying foreign-chain transactions it mostly lets users avoid direct interaction with the CKB chain. This makes DAS more accessible, and cheaper compared with ENS.

I will share a picture to show the structure of an .bit account.

DAS is now fully open-source, and you can access our open-source repository on our GitHub at:

3. DAS launched in July, how is the traction so far?

Yes we had a beta launch in July and since then the growth is pretty steady, we grew from 7k accounts and 2k owners in the first month to over 45k accounts and 17k owners in the fourth month. Meantime we have integrated with 20+ wallets and dApps, which also helped a lot in the adoption of .bit.

Selected Twitter Questions

Q1(@Vikas20898692): What makes DAS unique when it comes to used as a digital assets collection with other wallets?

A decentralized identity protocol as a foundational component of Web 3 should be highly compatible and easy to use.

The most important feature of DAS is its cross-chain capability, supporting registering with any public chain address. This is made possible by the highly scalable Nervos CKB public chain on which DAS is based. Any public chain can naturally use DAS without any modification. Now, DAS already supports registering with ETH, TRON, BSC, and Polygon addresses, and more public chains are coming. So far, no other DID has cross-chain capability except DAS.

Our goal is to bring DID to everyone. The user base of DAS will grow as the number of active crypto users grows.

Q2(@Rastab18): What are the advantages of Das bit domains compared to other domains? Will Das bit domain support nervos network?

DAS allows users to register and manage the DAS accounts using ANY public chain address or even email, and it’s totally decentralized (here is why). For now, you can use your ETH/TRON/BSC/Polygon address (and we are working on adding other public chains — Avalanche/BTC/Doge/Shiba, etc in the near future) to register and manage the DAS account.

DAS is low-cost for users. ENS is the widely used name service but the users have to pay a high gas fee on registration and pay every time they want to modify the parsed record or transfer the ownership of the account. Users don’t need to worry about the gas fee when using DAS. (Below is a comparison of DAS vs ENS)

ENS is a pioneer and its recent token airdrop brought more awareness to DID in general. We all know that many crypto users buy tokens first before they learn about the product behind them, and ENS is actually helping the industry grow, as their tokens have reacquainted many users who originally had no knowledge of the field.

DAS registration and management already support payment via CKB, which is the only payment token in the trading market( ).

At the same time, with the excellent ecological incentive model of DAS, and the huge community power (including DAS DAO), I believe that the user consensus of DAS will catch up and surpass ENS in the future.

Q3(@ketuart02): DAS holds airdrop continuously and the prize structure is extremely large. I wonder what your revenue and profit model is? How do you get enough capital to develop your project?

The DAS community often gives out airdrop to users, for example, at the moment we are running a WePiggy airdrop on Discord, where 200 DASers can split 200,000 WPC tokens.

If you are interested, you can join us at

This is a very good question. As a serial entrepreneur, I very deeply share the feeling that a good project should not only have good ideas, good features, good business model, but more importantly, it should be able to traverse the bulls and bears and continue to provide the most valuable service.

DAS provides a very basic capability in the web 3.0 world, and the demand is very fresh, DAS only took 4 hours to exceed 3000 registrations on the first day of launch, which is far beyond our expectations.

Secondly, the revenue model of DAS is very simple and effective, we just charge an annual fee for each account, and the price varies according to the length of the account, for example, 5 and above are within $5 a year, 4 are $160 a year, 3 are $640 a year, we collected more than $20,000 on the day of launch, which is a very significant income for a startup team. And we believe that it will be better when we have more wallets and dApps integrations.

I believe that as long as we continue to provide good products and services, focus on user experience, and continue to develop quality partners to grow the ecosystem, we will be able to live a long and stable life!

DAS is committed to becoming the infrastructure of the crypto world, which can’t be built without the community working together and we believe a well-designed revenue sharing system can make the DAS community grow faster. We want to see every DAS community member get the corresponding rewards from contributing to the growth of DAS.

There are several roles we identified in the ecosystem and please note any organization/individual can play multiple roles at the same time.

The channel rewards, promotion rewards, and Keeper rewards are capabilities implemented at the contract level, and the rewards are billed to the corresponding roles in real-time.

Q4(@TheRomanian3): What are the plans on Marketing the platform?Any plans on listing on Coinbase,Kraken and Binance?You need more aggressive Marketing.Thanks.

First of all, DAS does not have a token, yet. It is a decentralized account system :)

It has several key use cases: you can use .bit to receive and send crypto, use it as a web presence (an example ), as log-in credentials for dApps.

Based on these use cases of DAS, the first way we grew our users was by partnering with wallets, dApps, and exchanges to attract their attention and in turn become DAS users by holding various forms of joint AMAs, airdrops, auctions, etc. In the first 4 months after the launch, we have already completed integration with over 20+ wallets and dApps, including HyperPay, TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, imToken, BitKeep, AlphaWallet, as well as NFTSCAN, NFTGO, MIBAO, etc. Many thanks to these partners for their support.

DAS also has implemented invitation and channel rewards at the contract level and already partners have earned tens of thousands of dollars this way. Whether you are a community leader, a Twitter/FB/Ins KOL, or a YouTuber or TikToker, we welcome you to join us in building DAS and reap the financial rewards.

More details can be found at

The third way we attract users is through the community (including DAS DAO). Currently, DAS has almost 10,000 community users, and we are very confident that we can reach over 300,000 community users or even more next year because our community is very open and has a lot of fun activities including prize bounty, and, as DAS DAO continues to grow, I believe it will help us attract more users as well.

Q5(@I43222): Will DAS be used in the meta universe?

We are also actively exploring this direction of the metaverse and can share some of our thoughts.

For example, when we have created a role in a GameFi and have role data such as XP, if at this time we go to a new GameFi to create a role, DAS can help the user to do the binding directly with his game account.

Another example, giving a virtual idol (such as Hatsune Miku) a DAS account, interacting with the virtual idol through DAS, Hatsune Miku also needs a globally unique account in the virtual world.

And more, we see that there are many luxury brands that have been developing the metaverse market. We can assign every Gucci bag an .bit. Every .bit is an NFT.

Come and Check the Winners of our Joint AMA with Nervos.

Who are the winners?

5 winners from AMA Twitter were selected to ask questions.






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@eveline9202 (4 times)


How to claim?

⚠️If you are the Twitter winner, please register any new .bit account (5 digits and above) for 10 years and DAS will refund the full annual registration fee within 48 hours.

⚠️If you are the Telegram winner, please register any new .bit account (5 digits and above) for 3years and DAS will refund the full annual registration fee within 48 hours.

winners, please use your Twitter or telegram account to DM @kylexiang.

About Nervos

The Nervos ‘Common Knowledge Base’ (CKB) is a permissionless, layer 1, open-source, proof-of-work blockchain protocol focused on creating the foundations for an interoperable universal public network. It allows any crypto asset to be kept in a secure, immutable, and permissionless environment with the added benefit of smart contracts and layer 2 scaling.

Nervos is developing this robust network through three key components: PW Core which enables developers to build applications on all chains; Godwoken– an Ethereum-compatible layer that allows developers to port a smart contract from Ethereum to Nervos; and Force Bridge, a trustless bridge that enables cross-chain transactions between Nervos and a spectrum of blockchains.

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Telegram: English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese

About DAS

DAS stands for decentralized account system. It creates a human-readable on-chain identity instead of a wallet address to represent you in web3. All DAS accounts use the .bit suffix as a tribute to bitcoin, which is the pioneer and foundation for all things blockchain and web3.

DAS has several key use cases: you can use .bit to receive and send crypto, use it as a web presence (an example ), as log-in credentials for dApps.

DAS allows users to register and manage the DAS accounts using ANY public chain address or even email, and it’s totally decentralized (here is why). For now, you can use your ETH/TRON/BSC/Polygon address (and we are working on adding other public chains — Avalanche/BTC/Doge/SHIB, etc in the near future) to register and manage the DAS account.

In the first 4 months upon launch, we have seen over 17k unique addresses registered with 46k accounts. and more than 20 wallets and dApps have completed the integration with DAS, including TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, imToken, BitKeep, HyperPay, AlphaWallet, and NFTSCAN, NFTGO, MIBAO, etc.

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