Join .bitGuild and Help Build a Better Web3 World

I. What is .bitGuild?

The three levels of .bitGuild:

  • Ranger
  • Leader
  • Captain

II. How to join the .bitGuild?

Initial Recruitment of 100 Members for .bitGuild

What are the benefits of being a Ranger?

How to become part of the first batch of .bitGuild members?


  1. The project’s Twitter followers must be greater than 20k.
  2. Follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Contact the project manager and introduce .bit.
  • Step 2: Register the project’s .bit account and donate it to the project, and send the tweet draft and certificate poster to the project.
  • Step 3: Wait for the project to send a tweet confirming the receipt of their brand .bit name. Send the tweet url 👉 #③get-guild-role(

3. Need help?

4. Rewards: .bit Ranger Role + 100 BP/project (up to 500 BP)


How many people will be recruited in the first batch of .bitGuild?

Who or what is .bitGuild to?

  1. .bit owners
  2. .bit community
  3. .bit protocol

What is the mission?

  1. Expand the .bit ecosystem. Explore more use cases for .bit in Web3, and connect more Web3 projects.
  2. Increase the visibility of .bit. Attract more projects, communities, and individuals to join the .bit ecosystem and use SubDID.
  3. Realize the vision of .bit. Help more people have their own Web3 DID and take back their data sovereignty.

What if the brand .bit name of this project has already been registered?

What benefits will I get by joining .bitGuild?

How can I increase my level in .bitGuild?

What is BP?

How can I check my BP?

Are the roles and corresponding benefits obtained after joining .bitGuild?

Is there a limit to the number of people in .bitGuild?

I used to be a Mod in the community and participated in the SXP rules. Will my role change now?

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