It’s Time to Open More DAS Accounts!

01 Foreword

DAS has been online for over a month, and there is some progress. And we would like to share with you.

At the end of August, TokenPocket and mibao NFT platform integrated DAS SDK.
In early September, TokenPocket integrated DAS SDK.
Last week, imToken has integrated DAS SDK.

Now you can quickly complete all digital asset transfer through your DAS account in these three wallets (Huobi Wallet, TokenPocket and imToken) and Mibao NFT platform.

The first round of the auction on Binance NFT and the first round of airdrop event has ended. On September 10, OK.bit is sold for $44,529 on Binance NFT . All USDT from the auction is airdropped to everyone on The USDT from the first round of auction has been airdropped. You can download CCTip App and log in with your Twitter account to check it out. ( website is under maintenance, so you can’t view it on the website at the moment) 2.0 NFT version, the first application developed based on DAS, is online, supporting the display of NFT on OpenSea and Mibao NFT platform. And it will support more public chain NFT in the future.

Fans in community are building the DAS ecosystem too. To help people quickly find the available DAS accounts they want to register. A member from community developed a registration tool,, which can recommend DAS accounts by keywords, and it is widely used and praised by community.

In addition, besides wallet integration, DAS premium account auction, application development, etc., ecological cooperation and cross-community AMA are also in full swing.

The first batch of DAS reserved accounts have been claimed. imToken.bit, WePiggy.bit, TokenPocket.bit, ChainNews.bit have all been claimed.

DAS builds a strategic partnership with the lending protocol platform WePiggy to explore the field of “Web 3.0 + DeFi”.

Cross-community cooperation continues. DAS has established a exclusive section or exclusive post in imToken and TokenPocket fans forum. At the same time, AMA activities with communities such as Huobi Wallet, imToken, TokenPocket and Binance, have attracted a large number of users, who are curious and excited about the future development of DAS.

02 Open accounts gradually

Now it’s time to further open more accounts for registration. The rules are as follows.


  • 1. A gradual opening strategy makes the start-up process more equitable. DAS is non-exclusive and competitive as defined in economics, and is a typical public resource. As a public resource, DAS should avoid being hoarded by a few people when it has insufficient social impact. Therefore, DAS account registration adopts a gradual opening strategy.
  • 2. Hourly release is likewise used to ensure fairness in start-up. Considering the different time zones of global users, DAS will release a batch of accounts every hour on the hour of every Sunday.
  • 3. The opening time is based on the time on the chain.
  • 4. For accounts with the 4~9 digits that are not open, you can check the exact opening time on the page at that time to prepare for your preferred account in advance.

The blake2b algorithm hash the account name (including the .bit suffix) and take the first 4 bytes of the hash result as a big-endian u32 integer, when the integer is less than or equal to 1503238553, it can be registered.

For example, if an account name is hashed by the blake2b algorithm and the resulting binary data is `[89, 153, 153, 154, …]` in the form of a byte array, then the first 4 bytes of the account name will be registered. ] `, then its first 4 bytes as u32 integers is 1503238554, because 1503238554 > 1503238553, so this account can not be registered; another example is an account name after blake2b algorithm hash to get the binary data is `[89, 153, 153, 153, … ]`, then its first 4 bytes as u32 integer is 1503238553, because 1503238553 ≤ 1503238553, so this account can be registered.

The pseudo code is as follows.

let buf = blake2b(
digest: 32,
personal: ‘2021–07–22 12:00’,
account: ‘das00.bit’

if buf[0..4].toBeUint32() <= 1503238553 {
return true
} else {
return false

blake2b Parameters to be used:
— output digest size: 32
— personalization: 2021–07–22 12:00

Starting from Sept. 26th, a batch of DAS accounts will be opened for registration on every Sunday.

And every hour on the hour on Sunday, there will be a batch of DAS accounts will be opened for registration. (i.e. every Sunday at 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, … and 23:00(+UTC), there will be a batch of DAS accounts open)

The algorithm will be published on DAS Github in the near future, please follow DAS Github if you are interested.

03 Pricing

Registration Cost = Annual Fee * Years + Frozen Storage Fee

*Get a 5% discount when you register by filling in an inviter’s account.

The storage fee corresponds to the storage space required to store account information on chain. DAS has been well-designed so that no matter how many records a DAS account has, only a fixed storage fee is frozen. The frozen storage fee is less than 300 CKB per DAS account.

If the account expires and is not renewed, the frozen storage fee will be returned to the account’s owner address.

04 Invite friends & Get rewards

DAS has its own invitation mechanism in the contract.

Someone else uses your invitation link when registering a DAS account or fills in your DAS account as an inviter’s account.

Then, you will receive 10% of others’ registration cost as an invitation bonus. The reward will be credited instantly in the form of CKB. The rewards can be viewed in「Rewards」section in DAS App.

This means that the more people you invite, the more rewards you will receive.

05 More About DAS

Read more about DAS:
DAS: Decentralized Account Systems for Web3.0

If you have any questions about DAS, please join and ask in DAS community and we will answer your questions.

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