🎉Hey! DAS Second Creator Competition is coming!

The first Creator Competition ended perfectly. Community members gave full play to their creativity and provided DAS with some great written content. We will continue this amazing event. We need to layout content about DAS on various promotional channels to educate users and reach new users. Community members can offer valuable suggestions to DAS in this direction.

Video content is more straightforward and more visual representation of our product features, and we lack international video content at this stage. Recently, our community has also been working on a new channel called #das-video. If you participate in the competition, your content will become demo materials for this channel. As a result, we are launching a video campaign to encourage our community members to create content to build DAS and win individual prizes, and DAS will keep track of each member’s contribution, give great prizes for the campaign, and in the long run, DAS will remember these “Evangelist” for their contribution to DAS!

We will announce the themes of this competition on the official Twitter and Discord #event update channels on January 5, 2022.

Community members can retweet the event @three friends @realDASystems official, screenshot to Discord #event support sub-section #creator competition channel to receive 200xp from the community.

Where can I create it?

DASers can create on all platforms. We recommend creating on overseas media, mainly on Twitter, YouTube, Ins, FB, TikTok.

The steps are as follows.

  • Submit the creation link in Google form
  • Retweet the link to @realDASystems #creator competition.
  • You can find relevant creator material in the #creator material channel of the #das-video channel sub-section, if you provide any useful material in this channel, you will get 100xp from the community. If you have any questions, please DM @yuhuaeva.bit.

Three themes.

Theme 1: DAS basic functions

a.Introduce DAS with your own understanding

b.Tutorial video (Official website may help https://docs.da.systems/docs/ )

c.Review video ( organizing major events from launch to now) Reference link

Theme 2: DAS promotional video

a. Product features and differentiated advantages of DAS products (compare ENS/cross-chain/0gas/global unique/reverse resolution/and so on…)

b. Introducing DAS community (community atmosphere/project cooperation/community activities)

c. Use the Dename channel to promote registration to get a commission

Theme 3: The prospect of combining DAS and other products/cooperation speculation

Please use your imagination, combined with product-specific application scenarios.


NFT project +DAS, image the applied scenarios and DAS solve what kind of problems.

Gamefi+DAS, using .bit account to transfer game equipment will be faster in-game scenarios.

Defi+DAS, avoid contract address interaction error, through DAS secondary verification, improve security, keep your crypto coins safer.

And so on…

About the prize


First prize, exclusive commemorative nft & 4-digit account for 5 years (worth $800) & POAP & community “evangelist” role

Second prize, exclusive commemorative NFT & 4-digit account for 3 years (worth $480) & POAP; community “evangelist” role.

Third prize, a 5-digit account for 10 years (worth $50) & POAP & community “evangelist” role.

※If a participant does not win a prize, and the video content is qualified, he/she will be awarded 3000xp by the Discord community.

※If the participant has already obtained the POAP & “Evangelist” role in the previous activity, he/she can exchange the POAP or community “Evangelist” role for a 5-digit account for 5 years (worth $25).


High-quality content will be selected to be used in the DAS media campaign material library for long-term promotion on the DAS official website, community, and social media and selected winners will be awarded the exclusive POAP & DAS community “evangelist” identity.


  • English content can be made in Chinese or other languages, for each additional language version, you will receive 1500XP from the community.
  • For multi-platform releases, each additional platform will get 500XP from the community, please consider the platform features for content released, no more than 3 platforms can be released.
  • Distinguished main released platform and other platforms in google form, we will score based on the content of your main released platform. Please fill out the google form by instruction.

Selection criteria.

✅1. Quality of content, English content will increase the chances of being selected

✅2. The power of dissemination and influence of the content

✅3. Publishing on overseas media platforms will increase the chances.

✅4. Smooth flow of picture and sound quality, smooth articulation of scenes and shots, sublimation of the theme by voiceover and music, and natural and smooth post-editing.

Scoring process.

From January 17, 2022, community members @yuhuaeva.bit @west.bit @wanxiang.bit will do the initial screening, screening 5 links per topic, a total of 15 links aggregated to the Discord community #event update channel, organized into a Google form for community members to vote, The results will be based on the community voting results. The deadline for voting is January 20, 2021, at 24:00.

Winners will be announced on January 21, 2021, on our official Twitter and Discord #event update channels, and the prizes will be posted within two business days. Winners can post their winning screenshots to the Discord Discord#event support sub-section #creator competition channel for 200xp from the community.

About DAS

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system.

It can be used as a digital currency collection account, as a domain name, or as an account to access general internet services. DAS has powerful cross-chain capabilities and supports ETH/TRON/BSC/Polygon and any other public chain address.

hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, 🚀🌕.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DAS accounts.

In the first 5 months upon launch, DAS has seen over 24k unique addresses registered with 55k accounts. Major DApp such as HyperPay, imToken, HyperPay, Huobi Wallet, Alpha Wallet, BitKeep, NFTGO, NFTSCAN, etc. have integrated the DAS SDK. users can transfer any digital currency by entering .bit directly into these wallets.

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Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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.bit (Previously DAS)

.bit (Previously DAS)

Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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