Hey BSCers! Come and get your DID!

DAS supports BSC

Benefits of Owning a DAS

Why DAS is the only cross-chian DID in Web 3.0?

Register your DAS now: How to register your favorite DAS in 5 minutes with BSC address?

  1. Connect your wallet to the BSC network.
    Tutorial: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain
  2. Search for DAS in your wallet or visit da.systems directly, select DAS/GOGODAS registrar and connect to the BSC environment.
  3. When registering an account, use BNB as the payment method.

Contact DAS

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Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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.bit (Previously DAS)

.bit (Previously DAS)

Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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