DAS Rebranding as .bit

Brand Upgrading

  • New official website and new account manager;
  • New domain for official website: did.id;
  • New brand name: .bit ; DAS is no longer used;
  • New Github organization name and Twitter username: dotbitHQ.

.bit in our eyes

1 .bit is NOT a domain.

2 .bit is a DID (Decentralized Identity).

3 .bit is a self-sovereign data container.

4 .bit serves the entire Web3.0 ecosystems rather than one specific public chain.

5 .bit is a community.

Roadmap 2022

What we have achieved so far:

  • integrated with public chains such as Ethereum, Tron, BSC, Polygon, Mixin;
  • integrated with dozens of leading wallets such as TokenPocket, imToken, MathWallet, Huobi Wallet;
  • integrated with more than 40 DApps such as Jike App, NFTGo, NFTSCAN, WePiggy;
  • released .bit Alias;
  • launched the marketplace for .bit;
  • integrated with IPFS;
  • cooperated with many third-party registrars;
  • more than 60k registered accounts.

New functions and features that will be launched in 2022:

  • Multi-chain: .bit will integrate with more popular public chains, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Polkadot and Solana.
  • Multi-language: .bit will support registration in any language.
  • .bit Alias: Users can assign one .bit alias for each popular public chain contract address or ordinary address. This will effectively enhance the security in Web3.0.
  • Sub-accounts: A .bit account is able to create countless sub-accounts at a low cost. The decentralized and low-cost sub-accounts will serve as an efficient management tool for DAO.
  • Newly-designed .bit data management tool: Allow users to manage their data conveniently and efficiently. Also, developers can have write access to .bit if authorized by users.
  • Establishing a system of registrars with global coverage.
  • Release more accounts for registration. Release previously reserved accounts.

Release more accounts for registration

Plan for accounts releasing:

Parameters for each release:


  1. Like before, which account names are available is randomly decided by the name themselves. If you want to know whether your favored account name is registrable, you can get the answer by calculating with the above algorithm and parameters.
  2. The registration is fair as the contract is impartial. The accounts that are not yet released for registration are not in the possession of or reserved for anyone in the .bit team. We promise that .bit team cannot register those accounts earlier than any other users. Not releasing all accounts does not help boosting the number of registration, but we still have to do it in pursuit of fairness. Learn more about fairness: https://talk.did.id/t/written-before-the-launch-of-das/334

Acknowledgements for early supporters in .bit community

  • nervosyixiu.bit independently developed https://das.la, which is a tool to show all .bit-related data and allow users to bulk check registrable accounts.
  • saber.bit is the most enthusiastic evangelist who keeps promoting .bit to people in the .bit community as well as the wider Web3.0 world.
  • hkfullpoor.bit is an important early contributor, who helped with product testing, events planning and community promotion.
  • hodler.bit independently completed the development for the integration of .bit with IPFS.
  • wuxian.bit volunteered to produce videos about .bit and promote the .bit creation contest, contributing material of high-quality to the community.
  • natura.bit has helped .bit connect with many partners.

In the end



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