DAS Creator Competition is coming

Here is our creator competition!

As the DAS product continues to be iterated and the ecosystem continues to evolve, we need to further expand the reach of the product and make it more accessible to more people.

Original content can enhance the reach of DAS, and we need to layout content about DAS on various promotional channels to educate users and reach new users. DAS will keep track of each member’s contribution and let the community members grow with DAS in the long run.

We will announce the theme on the official Twitter and Discord #event update channel on Monday, December 20, 2021.

Community members can retweet the event @three friends @realDASystems Official and screenshot to Discord #event support ➡️ #creator competition channel to receive 200xp from the community.

Where can I create it?

DASers can create on various platforms

The steps are as follows.

  • Submit the creation link in Google form (first two topics)
  • Retweet the link and @realDASystems Official
  • Put the retweet screenshot on the Discord #event support ➡️ #creator competition channel with the topic.

All content creators who participate in the first two themes must create at least 500 words of text and 30S of video. 2000xp from the Discord community will be awarded to participants who do not win the first two themes; there is no word limit for the third theme and 200xp will be awarded to participants who do not win.

Themes for this issue.

1. Writing tutorials/explanations/experiences of using the product for its upcoming capabilities (Reverse record) Reference Link

2. Product use tutorial & instructions Reference Link

3. Share the story unique to your .bit account on Twitter, @realDASystems Official, and screenshot to Discord #event support ➡️ #creator competition channel

Creative Rewards.

  1. First two themes.

First prize, 4-digit account for 5 years (worth $800) & POAP& DAS EVANGELIST role.

Second prize, 4-digit account for 3 years (worth $480) & POAP.

Third prize, 10 years of a 5-digit account (worth $50) & POAP.

The first two themes participants who did not win were awarded 2000xp community rewards (word requirement 500 words or more, video 30S or more, need to submit a link to Google form)

2. Third theme.

First prize 5-digit account for 10 years (worth 50 USD).

Second prize participation award to get POAP& community 1000xp.

Third prize community 500xp.

Other participants get community 200xp

3. High-quality content will be selected into the DAS media promotion material library for long-term promotion on the DAS website, community, and social media, and those who were selected will receive the DAS community “DAS EVANGELIST” role.

Selection criteria.

1. Quality of content, English content, and video content will be given more value

2. Dissemination and influence of the content

3. The publishing platform is blockchain media/Medium/mirror/Twitter will increase the value

4. The text, grammar, and typography of the content

Scoring process.

From December 28, 2021, by community members @yuhuaeva.bit @wanxiang.bit @west.bit to the webmaster for initial screening, will be screened out links theme one 5, theme two 5, theme three 10, a total of 20 links aggregated to Discord community #event update channel, organized into a Google form for community members to vote. The results of the awards will be based on the voting results. The voting deadline is 24:00 on December 30, 2021.

The winner will be announced on December 31, 2021, on our official Twitter and Discord #event update channels, and the prize will be posted within two business days. Winners can post their winning screenshots to the Discord #event support ➡️ #creator competition channel to receive 200xp from the community.

About DAS

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system.

It can be used as a digital currency collection account, as a domain name, or as an account to access general internet services. DAS has powerful cross-chain capabilities and supports ETH/BSC/Polygon/TRON and any other public chain address.

hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, 🚀🌕.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DAS accounts. Register now

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Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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.bit (Previously DAS)

.bit (Previously DAS)

Your decentralized identity (DID) for Web3.0 life. (https://did.id)

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