Claim the Ownership of Your Brand’s .bit Name!

imToken successfully verified and claimed imtoken.bit!
WePiggy successfully verified and claimed wepiggy.bit!
TokenPocket is now claiming tokenpocket.bit!
NFTGo successfully verified and claimed nftgo.bit!

🔥 About reserved accounts

To prevent malicious use of the brand in the real world, we set up a reserved list. Users cannot register a .bit account that is on the reserved list, it can only be claimed by the corresponding organization or individual. About reserved accounts.

👨‍🚀 How to claim a reserved .bit name?

If your brand name is on the reserved list, you can claim it by the following steps.

0. Contact .bit Team

Before you start, please DM @Mancy999 on Telegram or @mancy.bit#9613 on Discord, and send the .bit account you want to claim and your official Twitter.

1. Tweet to start your claim.

Use your official Twitter account, put the address in the tweet and tag @dotbitHQ.

E.g We are so happy to claim the “xxx.bit” to our address: 0x4De19D0D530e1a3F781030Ef7950F9494b65cbE5 from @dotbitHQ today.

You can tweet to claim at any time. Then .bit Team will verify and mint the .bit accounts for you ASAP. And we will let you know once it is minted.

Some examples:

2. After you verified, you will claim your brand name successfully. Tweet to tell everyone the good news!

E.g We have successfully claimed the ownership of “xxx.bit” for having participated and fulfilled the verification requirements of the .bit
@dotbitHQ Branding Reserved Program.

🎉 Congratulations!

WePiggy successfully verified and claimed wepiggy.bit



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