Check Your Reward!

🎉 The first round of the auction on Binance NFT and the first round of airdrop event has ended.

On September 10, OK.bit is sold for $44,529 on Binance NFT. All USDT from the auction has been airdropped to everyone!

The event is extremely popular and has attracted a lot of users. During the Round 1, there are 13,000+ retweets, 2,000 comments, and 7,000+ likes from tweets about the event. And the total number of coupons is 659,698.

During the event, thousands of people on Twitter joined the “.bit Family”. These included influential blockchain personalities with many followers.

.bit family

Among them, @orenopancake, an analyst with 18,000+ followers followed by CZ, the CEO of Binance also retweets. @RezekiBerkah96, a cryptocurrency enthusiast from the Indonesian community participates too. Since they have more followers, so they can receive more coupons and grab more USDT.

How to check your reward?

You can check the amount of your coupons in And then you can download CCTip App and log in with your Twitter account to check your reward. ( website is under maintenance, so you can’t view it on the website at the moment)

About Airdrop Round 2 and Round 3

Additionally, there were deceptive behaviors during the first round of airdrops. A large number of fake users (bots) and fake followers undermined the fairness of the event and seriously harmed the interests of real users. We can’t tolerate and compromise against such behaviors.

Therefore, the second and third rounds of the auction will be postponed and we will adjust and optimize the event rules. The time of the restart of the event is to be determined. Please follow us for the latest info. Thank you again for your love and support! ❤️

More About DAS

Read more about DAS:
DAS: Decentralized Account Systems for Web3.0

If you have any questions about DAS, please join and ask in DAS community and we will answer your questions.

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