Come get your .bit! DAS will be open for registration on 21 July

Launch time

01 Foreword

Previously, DAS has completed a seed round of funding led by HashKey and SNZ.

02 Everyone Needs a DAS Account

The followings are all DAS accounts:

An “alice.bit” manages all chains’ receiving addresses

BTC receiving address is

ETH receiving address is

TRX receiving address is

What should I do to avoid writing down the wrong addresses?

Register “alice.bit” and add all chains’ addresses to records. Anyone who transfers tokens to me, I only need to send my DAS account “alice.bit” to receive all types of digital currency.

Build a personal website in 5minutes:

Register “alice.bit” and you will have the website “”.

All you need to do to change the content of your website is to change records of “alice.bit” and it will take effect within 5 minutes.

Best feature: Support all public chains and transferring in numerous communities

As an example.

I registered “appletree.bit” with an ETH address and wanted to transfer it to my friend.

But my friend only has a TRON address, does he have to create a new ETH address to receive “appletree.bit”?

No. I can simply transfer the ownership of “appletree.bit” to his/her TRON address. Once confirmed on chain, the transfer is successful.

More features are coming…

03 Registration Rules

5–9 digits: Randomly open (5%) in DAS Alpha launch
10+ digits: All open

How do I check if the account I want is available for registration?

5% of the accounts with 5–9 characters will be randomly open for registration. The rule is as below:

Overview of All DAS accounts

04 Pricing

Annual Fee

*Get a 5% discount when you register by filling in a inviter’s account.

Frozen storage fees

If the account expires and is not renewed, the frozen storage fee will be returned to the account’s owner address.

05 How to register a DAS account?

📱 Mobile

💻 Computer

Registration Guide

  1. Go to DAS website from your computer or wallet browser at
  2. Connect your ETH address or TRON address and register

06 Invitation Rewards

If someone else uses your invitation link when registering a DAS account or fills in your DAS account as an inviter’s account.

Then, you will receive 10% of others’ registration cost as an invitation bonus. The reward will be credited instantly in the form of CKB. The rewards can be viewed in「Rewards」section in DAS App.

This means that the more people you invite, the more rewards you will receive.

More About DAS

If you have any questions about DAS, please join and ask in DAS community and we will answer your questions.

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