Come get your .bit! DAS will be open for registration on 21 July

Launch time

01 Foreword

02 Everyone Needs a DAS Account

An “alice.bit” manages all chains’ receiving addresses

Build a personal website in 5minutes:

Best feature: Support all public chains and transferring in numerous communities

More features are coming…

03 Registration Rules

How do I check if the account I want is available for registration?

5% of the accounts with 5–9 characters will be randomly open for registration. The rule is as below:

Overview of All DAS accounts

04 Pricing

Annual Fee

Frozen storage fees

05 How to register a DAS account?

📱 Mobile

💻 Computer

Registration Guide

  1. Go to DAS website from your computer or wallet browser at
  2. Connect your ETH address or TRON address and register

06 Invitation Rewards

More About DAS



Web3 identities for you and your community. (

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